Monday, July 23, 2012

Doll Parts/Miss world as done by Raz.

Here is a cover I did.
Courtney Love is the greatest person ever. I don't even come close -but I tried.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

national anthem.

Lana Del Rey is the bestest.
Also A$AP for prez.
This is one of my favorite videos of the year thus far...expect a list soon.
The most controversial thing about this video is actually that Lana smiles.
Lizzie Grant was pretty dope but Lana is amazing.

I feel like she gets criticized more than most for her performance style and eccentricities. This is unfair - unlike seemingly ubiquitously liked pop stars  she is an artist who is the creative force behind her work. I would much rather a strange/awkward artist with talent than manufactured titties and doe eyes who can sing other peoples words while they step-clap step-clap.
I'm being a bitch- sorry.
I just really like her music/general freshness.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fuckery on the book.

Yep, I'm talking about social networking today. Because I'm a seriously cliche blogger.
 So cliche I'm using the company logo as an image.
Self-deprecation motherfucker.

I have compiled a quick list of things that I dislike on Facebook, of course nobody made me the overlord of taste and/or  the moral arbiter of the interwebs.
My personal Facebook isn't that good- this is just lil ol' Raz's opinion. 

Things I consider to be Fuckery:

Edited photos with text over the image via paint.
Come onnnnnnnnnn.

Anything about the gym
 -like at all- 
I mean anything about the gym. I don't care.

People sending me useless notifications
I don't really give a fuck if Facebook has a dislike button, or has timeline.
I am getting a free service so they can do what they like with the sites functionality. Please stop asking me to join a group.

Facebook hacking
its 2012 get over it ese.

Photos taken through the mirror in a non ironic way.
Dis ain't Myspace,
JT ain't here .

Bitches bellies.
 Girl, I don't want to see your $2 belly ring. If you were rocking a Beyonce style belly chain, maybe that would be OK, otherwise no.

Rlly badlie missepelled statusus.
I make mistakes all the time, I'm not perfect.  I try to make things readable.

Statuses that 'confront' Facebook issues
Don't you guys know that you can blog?

Anything about body image.
It is really nice that you want to make a generic statement to 'Women of the world,'
Is it going to make a real difference though?
Also I really can't take any issues based post seriously on Facebook AS IT IS ON FACEBOOK.
I would prefer we talk about Marky Mark- not being sarcastic btw-

People jumping on bandwagons without understanding
cough Kony 2012 cough cough. 

Dramatic lyrics
I too can sign onto song and match my angst to some shitty Eminem song, but I ain't gonna.

I don't want to be a negative Nelly so:

Things I like

Videos of Kittens falling asleep/sloth videos.
Good quotes from legit things.
Interesting video posts.
Statements that keep you informed with life events ie: Jen is totally preggo.
Intelligent things.
Things that make me laugh.
Things that are genuine news, or inform me in some way. 
Things I am excited about ie: 'Django unchained' news.
General freshness.
Superficial opinions on superficial things.

The most important point I would like to make is this:
This post is a paradox.
I don't care about Facebook- y'all can do what chu liiiiiikkkkkeeeee.


The deal: Teal is really , really, real.

My uniform for like, maybe five years has been this:
90's doing 50's, optional grunge in black.
Kind of a mix of 90s Gwen Stefani, Bettie Page, courtney love + a witch etc etc etc etc

However ,
Lately I've been collecting teal clothing like some overgrown, blonde bowerbird.

I think I actually love ALL shades of teal more than anything.
Here's some teal stuff in a blurry pile on my super 70's red floor:

The crazy thing is that this is only a third of my teal clothing....and yet I have maybe 700000000000 times more black clothing.

Because I'm sooo dark.

Maybe I have a problem, maybe I don't, either way I feel it is notable.

I've made a commitment to blog about things that surprise me and this recent realization did just that (hence the post)

One final note :
It is  kind of hilarious because when I type RAZ  on my iPad it autocorrects to RZA.
dats all folks.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Peace and Lionel Richie.

Full Disclosure: I love the commodores and Lionel Richie.

If you aren't aware of the popularity of Lionel Richie in the Middle East I suggest you listen to this brilliant conversation with Andrew Corsello (GQ) who wrote an article called 'Lionel of Arabia.'

If you have ignored this link and have continued reading: Lionel Richie is a unifying force in the Middle East, Everybody loves Lionel.

Here is an excerpt

PESCA: Including - we should mention - that in Iraq, Shiite and Sunni agree on little else except for the fact that they both love Lionel Richie. 

Mr. CORSELLO: It's amazing. You know, this age-old hatred is finding full expression. And the only thing that they seem to agree on is their love Allah and his prophet, and the music and life of Lionel Richie. The unbelievable fact that when shock and awe began raining its bombs down on Baghdad in March of 2003, Baghdadians spontaneously were turning their stereo speakers into the street and sound-tracking the bombings to “All Night Long,” the calypso number-one hit that Lionel had in 1984. 
Wouldn't it be dope if all the complexities of conflicts and entrenched hatred could be solved by Lionel Richie. I don't know if that could or would ever happen, I just felt like sharing.

In March next year I will play "All night long" in my street for peace, you can join me if you feel like it. I'm going to cause a scandal in suburbia.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Scribbles on episode titles.

 I live for episode titles. In my opinion a good title can make a television show exponentially better.
 I have compiled a list of my favorites. 

Shameless US

"Just Like the Pilgrims Intended"
"Nana Gallagher Had an Affair"
Where is Emmy Rossum's Golden Globe?

The Twilight zone
"The monsters are due on maple street."
Probably one of the greatest episodes of television ever. A meditation on fear and suspicion.

Curb your enthusiasm.

"Beloved Aunt"
If you have seen this episode you will have just laughed, if not - maybe watch it.

"Regional Holiday Music"

"Cat nap"
AGAIN THE PUNS. A band named Cat nap is kidnapped.
"Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident"
Crackcident is probably the greatest new word of the century.
"Groped by an Angel"
"Boxing Daria"
Boxing Daria is such a great episode and the title reflects the 90's angsty pathos.

Avatar: the last Airbender

 "Nightmares and Daydreams"
This is my wildcard.

Breaking bad

Flight of the Concords
"The Tough Brets"
I feel like all Australians should roam in 'West side story' type gangs.

30 rock
"MILF Island"

"Everything Sunny All the Time Always"
 Need I say more?

Grandma's house
"The Day Simon Decided He Was Forlorn"

Parks and recreation

 "Galentine's Day"
 "Andy and April's Fancy Party"
 "Ron and Tammys"

Arrested development
 "Motherboy XXX"
Can one ever really describe the spectacle that is Arrested Development?

 I like watching out for the titles in the dialogue. Also, I believe that onomatopoeia is underrated.

"A Yippity Sippity"
"Cats! Cats! Cats!"

Twin peaks

"Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer" 

I had to throw Twin Peaks in. This episode is the first with Albert. 

Always sunny in Philadelphia
"Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life"
"Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games"

The Walking dead

The Mighty Boosh
"The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox"

Luxury comedy
"Tiger with Chlamydia"
I think you have to read this title in the voice Noel does in the show.

United States of Tara

 "The Full Fuck You Finger"
One of my fallen favorites. I will miss this show like Princess Valhalla Hawkwind will miss her Magic Bullet.

Bored to Death 

This show has, undoubtedly  the greatest episode titles of any show ever. Loosing Bored to death stung quite a bit I must say. It was difficult to narrow my selection down to just three, nonetheless here they are.

"The Gowanus Canal Has Gonorrhea!"
"The Black Clock of Time"
"I Keep Taking Baths Like Lady Macbeth"

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Childish Gambino -Bonnaroo. Reviewed in motion via Facebook Messenger.

I was going to do a live blog for the Childish Gambino stream at Bonnaroo.... I ended up talking to my friend Rachel instead.
 I think it does the job.
 Sorry for grammatical errors.
When I started talking to her I didn't think I would post this-  I apologize for coming across very arrogant about how cool I am....... I am pretty fresh though .
Thanks to Rachel for letting me post this/ being the bess.
I'm trying to be timely so this is a fairly thrown together post.

No one good ever comes to Australia.

    • golly i would like to be there
  • Rhiannon Davies
    45 minutes ago
    • Yeah me too.
      Im cooler than all of the people at that show
  • Rachel Hucker
    45 minutes ago
    • I KNOW
    • i was just thinking that
    • its like Kanye all over again
    • like these people don't even know whats good
  • Rhiannon Davies
    44 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Exactly!
      Also if you aren't falling over crying after Kanye you should just not even be there.
    • Just go home and eat Tim Tams
  • Rachel Hucker
    43 minutes ago
    • like oh.. i just witnessed Jesus performing and I'm going to walk away casually.. i don't think so
    • we da besss
    • i wish he wasn't wearing a douchey singlet
  • Rhiannon Davies
    43 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Agreed.
    • Donald glover you better than that
  • Rachel Hucker
    42 minutes ago
    • i know you fresh

    • what song do you have right now
    • I think mine might be severely laggy
  • Rhiannon Davies
    41 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • He just said ' bitch I love rugrats'
  • Rachel Hucker
    40 minutes ago
    • oh yeah ok
  • Rhiannon Davies
    32 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • My favorite song. Aw ma gawsh.
  • Rachel Hucker
    32 minutes ago
    • i knoooww
  • Rhiannon Davies
    32 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • UCLA !!!!
  • Rachel Hucker
    32 minutes ago
    • I'm on muh isssshhh
    • UCLA.. question mark??
    • I'm getting too excited
  • Rhiannon Davies
    30 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Sooooo exciting.
      It's a little shitty that the words are up on the screen.

  • Rachel Hucker
    29 minutes ago
    • hahaha i know stop reading the words
    • he dominated that fast bit.
  • Rhiannon Davies
    29 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • He so impressive.
  • Rachel Hucker
    28 minutes ago
    • so so impressive
    • this just makes me want him to come here even MORE
  • Rhiannon Davies
    27 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • I know. Let's make it happen. Let's do the secret.
  • Rachel Hucker
    27 minutes ago
    • hahahaha yes
  • Rhiannon Davies
    25 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • It's good because if you had the sound down , at some points it would just look like a Troy tantrum on community.
  • Rachel Hucker
    25 minutes ago
    •  I would love if someone put that together
  • Rhiannon Davies
    24 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Let's just do the secret and it will happen.
      We can make a Donald glover vision bored.
  • Rachel Hucker
    24 minutes ago
    • its happening
    • i hate how people tour England and not here, like here is actually closer so stop being lame.
  • Rhiannon Davies
    21 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Its so annoying.
      Its sunny here and like all the Australian sluzzas would be up on him so - double incentive.
  • Rachel Hucker
    21 minutes ago
    • and yes double positive
  • Rhiannon Davies
    20 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • WHA WHAAAAATTTT ? You open his closet it's filled with cray
  • Rachel Hucker
    20 minutes ago
    • well its just the beat from rack city hahah
    • FILLED with cray
  • Rhiannon Davies
    20 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Yeah but still
  • Rachel Hucker
    15 minutes ago
    • who's this fucker
    • 2 chainz?
    • hahah
  • Rhiannon Davies
    14 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Rhiannon Davies
    10 minutes ago
    Rhiannon Davies:
    • Oh yay Heems .

      ... we talk about other things for a moment. So I will spare you.
    • Rhiannon Davies
      7 minutes ago
      Rhiannon Davies
      • Is this the last song?
    • Rachel Hucker
      7 minutes ago
      • lucky he won't put his towel down
      • i think its getting there yeah
    • Rhiannon Davies
      7 minutes ago
      Rhiannon Davies:
    • Rachel Hucker
      6 minutes ago
      • nooo I changed the page for one second
    • Rhiannon Davies
      5 minutes ago
      Rhiannon Davies:
      • FUNNIEST SHIT I EVER SAW. He was like screwing up his face and nodding his head, But he looked really messed up. Like just generally ; looked like a fuck.
    • Rachel Hucker
      5 minutes ago
      • hahahaha
      • look. he could have pulled off a completely shirtless show
    • Rhiannon Davies
      3 minutes ago
      Rhiannon Davies:
      • I feel like it should've gone down that way
    • Rachel Hucker
      2 minutes ago
      • goodnight... .sweet prince
      • i really enjoyed that
      • lets start campaigning

    • And that is exactly what we did.